This Splintered Silence Book Review

This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson From Goodreads: Lindley Hamilton has been the leader of the space station Lusca since every first-generation crew member on board, including her mother, the commander, were killed by a deadly virus. Lindley always assumed she’d captain the Lusca one day, but she never thought that day would come so soon.… Continue reading This Splintered Silence Book Review

Pairing Books and Board Games

Hi everyone, So recently Bloomsbury made an announcement that they've created a card game based off Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series. The game will be called Embers of Memory and although you can preorder it now, it won't be coming out til around October time. In the interim, I decided it was high time I… Continue reading Pairing Books and Board Games