YALC 2019

I know, I know, this is coming to you late. This month has been horrendous for academic deadlines, and I've had to do a lot of work in quite a rush, and between that and the long hours spent at my laptop trying to make my brain focus, I ended up going on a sort… Continue reading YALC 2019

Preparing for YALC

Hey everyone, With YALC just a few short weeks away and a whole load of reading to be done in that time, I thought I could make today's post about preparing for YALC-- looking at some of the biggest authors who will be making appearances, some of the awesome books worth checking out, and what… Continue reading Preparing for YALC

May Illumicrate ‘Hidden Talents’ Unboxing

Hi everyone, Are you ready for an Illumicrate unboxing? I thought you might be. This was the May 'Hidden Talents' Box and it was also my first time purchasing through this company so I was SO excited. It's coming to you a little later than planned because one of the items in the box was… Continue reading May Illumicrate ‘Hidden Talents’ Unboxing