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A bit about me: My name is Kelly, and I’m a 20-something book blogger, student and aspiring author. I spend a lot of my time reading YA fiction and reviewing it, and squealing over merchandise related to these books. You can most often find me in a bookstore, usually accompanied by a friend who is trying to drag me out before I buy something, or else in a cafe, with the biggest cup of coffee they are legally allowed to sell. I set this blog up as a way of keeping in the book-loop, finding out new things about a topic I love, and posting creatively about books and writing. I am a big fan of sarcasm, and chocolate, and in my spare time I write YA fantasy fiction and pester agents to look at my writing. In my real, pseudo-adult life, I live with my boyfriend in Nottingham and study American and Canadian literature. My current work is a thesis on the books of Donna Tartt, and I aim to work towards a PhD on trends and tropes in YA fantasy literature. I’m a Ravenclaw, as you’ve probably guessed, and Harry Potter crazy.

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