Book Blog Tour: Review of Dear Mr Pop Star

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Hey everyone,

So today, I’m bringing you a very special book review of the latest book by writing duo Derek and Dave Philpott.

The concept of this one is a little bit wacky. Basically, for the last decade or so, Derek and Dave have been sending letters to famous pop stars, filled with bizarre and often ridiculous concerns. Most of them are really very witty, especially if you happen to have a fair knowledge of the musicians and songs they reference. Even more amusing, despite the odd letters the two have sent to pop stars from the 60’s to the 90’s, the musicians have often written back. Some of them seem aware of the joke, and they respond in kind, ruminating on their own lyrics and the messages in their songs. Sometimes, it’s even funnier, and it’s clear the pop stars writing back don’t have an actual clue what is going on. Often, the letters Dave and Derek have sent are very frank and take the lyrics very very literally, so it is funny to see how the artists responsible respond to each letter.

The book is packed with one hundred such letters. I was pleasantly surprised by the artists featured in the book, as there were quite a few I recognize and like. Musicians include: Tears For Fears, Johnny Hates Jazz, Chesney Hawks, Mott the Hoople, The Human League and Katrina and the Waves, amongst many, many others.

I’d recommend this book to people who are a fan of the featured bands, or are after something a little different and quirky. The only drawback for me personally, was that I didn’t get quite a few of the jokes, mostly because I hadn’t heard of the band the letter was addressed to, or hadn’t heard the particular song they were discussing. Someone like my mum, who is really well-versed in her music taste, would totally appreciate this book for Christmas though, and I’m definitely tempted to buy her a copy and see what she thinks.

If anyone wants to follow the book blog review tour, here’s the other sites and dates

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😀 Thanks for reading, everyone ❤


One thought on “Book Blog Tour: Review of Dear Mr Pop Star

  1. Kelly!

    Thank you for your sublime critique although we do have to point out that as clueless as some of our victi- sorry, ‘volunteers’ may seem, they were all briefed before battle commenced ..we think/hope they were just good actors!

    We are sure that your mum will love our book, and in your own case, a bit late admittedly, we are delighted to submit for your delectation.. The Dear Mr Pop Star in order and everything done by a fan with too much time on his hands playlist!

    In conclusion, thank you, thank you thank you!! It’s been a delight corresponding with you in the weeks and weeks leading to this glorious appraisal and you have been encouraging and supportive throughout. Just massive kudos not just for spending your valuable time and assets, but also for such a sublime critique that delves right to the essence and heart of our insane little world… Best and Highest, Dave and Dad Philpott


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