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Hi everyone, how is it going?

It’s been a pretty busy week for me as I’ve been away visiting the boyfriend’s family and going to a wedding, so I haven’t been very hands on with posts recently. But I did have time to finally figure out how to edit this video for Youtube, so if you fancy checking out my unpopular bookish opinions over on there you can do so using this link [or you could be super wonderful and subscribe to my channel and then you get to see even more of me].

In other news there’s some exciting things coming up. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my June haul and wrap up, and then we’re going to have a Saturday post [instead of the Sunday] where I’ll be doing something super exciting and super secretive, so you’ll have to check back on the 30th to find out more. And finally, since I have tickets for YALC next month, I wanted to announce that I’ll be vlogging [and blogging] the whole thing. Obviously, it won’t be live, due to the amount of business that will be heaped upon me, but definitely stay tuned as I’ll be going to lots of signings and panels, meeting tonnes of bookish people and maybe even some interviews with some authors. So yeah, keep checking this space 😀

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day,


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