May Book Box Club ‘Stargazers’ Unboxing


Hi everyone,

I finally got my hands on the May Stargazers box from Book Box Club. The postman came a little later than usual, so I was out grabbing coffee with a friend when it came, but fortunately my boyfriend was around to answer the door, so I came home to this wonderful surprise of book box goodness. Obviously, since this is an unboxing post, there are spoilers for the May box ahead, so if you haven’t received your Stargazers swag yet, you might want to bookmark this post and come back to it later šŸ˜€

Awesome, now that we’ve clarified that we’re all meant to be here and spoilers are okay, let’s get on with it!

may bbc


The first item I saw was the ‘To The Stars Who Listen’ pouch by Catarina Book Designs. It’s got a quote from theĀ A Court of Thorns and RosesĀ series by Sarah J Maas on the cover, and it’s quite spacious, so I’ll probably use it for a make-up pouch or something when I go away next month. Although, I tend to get smears of foundation and eyeshadow everywhere and I’m a bit worried it will damage this pretty pouch, so we’ll see how I feel nearer the time.

Next, I spotted this gorgeous enamel constellation cat pin by Tumble and Rose designs. This was the item I was super curious about, because I had seen so many pretty pictures of their items on instagram and I was desperate to know what this one would be. I’m not the biggest fan of pins, since they put holes in clothes, but this one is just so stunning that I could look at it all day. I’ve already worn it since opening the box, and I’m totally in love. Even if pins aren’t usually my thing, this one has won my heart, and it’s my favourite thing in this box.

The next item is a mirror designed by the girls at Book Box Club themselves, and it features a quote from Shakespeare on the front. ‘It is not the stars to hold our destiny, but to ourselves.’ It’s a cute and appropriate quote for this month’s theme, and I like getting mirrors because I always seem to temporarily misplace them when I actually need them, and I’m tired of holding up my phone in the glaring sunlight trying to tilt it to figure out if I’ve got lipstick on my teeth.

Then I spot the Professor Trelawney magnetic bookmark from Magic Bookmarks. This one is ridiculously cute, and she’s holding her crystal ball. I love these bookmarks because they hold the page really well and don’t tend to fall out of books while they’re in your bag being thrown around all over the place. I’ve gotten a Robin Hood one from BBC before, which is awesome because I happen to reside in Nottingham, but the Trelawney one shall be equally treasured. Yay!

The last bookish item I see is a pair of constellation socks by Joe Cool. I have a knee-length pair already, but these are nice and short and the design is brilliant, so I am instantly in love with these. So very practical. I love having eccentric pairs of socks, so these will be a nice addition to the sock drawer.

There’s also some bookish paper swag from Bloomsbury and Penguin Random House. These are a bookmark advertisingĀ The Smoke ThievesĀ by Sally Green [you can check out my review of the book here] and a postcard for Skylarks by Karen Gregory.

Finally, we’re on to the book itself. This one is of monster proportions, and it weighs a tonne. As ever, it is all wrapped up in pretty silver wrapping paper and some string, but even the nice wrappings aren’t as stunning as the cover. The book isĀ The Queens of Innis LearĀ by Tessa Gratton. Book Box Sherlocks accurately guessed the book for May, which I am pleased about, becauseĀ The Queens…Ā sounds so interesting. It seems like a cross betweenĀ King LearĀ andĀ Three Dark CrownsĀ with lots of star themed worldbuilding thrown into the mix. Obviously, I can’t wait to pounce right into this wonderful read A.S.A.P. The book came with a signed plate, as well as an invitation to chat with the other BBC subscribers and Tessa Gratton herself at a special online meeting in July.

Thanks again, Libby and Kate for sending me yet another wonderful box.

I’m going to be posting an unboxing of my May Illumicrate box next, and then there’s going to be a bit of a break from the unboxings for a few months while I get my savings back to full health and figure out my accommodation for September. Hopefully though, it’ll be a short break, and I’ll be back to bringing you unboxing posts in the blink of an eye.


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