My Thoughts While Reading: An Enchantment of Ravens

Please note: this post will obviously contain spoilers. If you haven’t read An Enchantment of Ravens then maybe you could click back on this post once you’ve read it. Or y’know, maybe read along 😀

Chapter One:

  • Okay, I’ve never done one of these for a book before. Please don’t hate on me.
  • So I’m finally starting this. This book has been on my shelf since September, which is just kind of sad.
  • Googles ‘spike lavender.’ Is this a thing? Is it made up?
  • Ahh, it’s a painting thing *facepalms.*
  • Thanks to creative writing critiques, I can’t help but grimace every time I hit an adverb. There are an awful lot on page one. Um.
  • Lol. Sebastian Manywarts.
  • Wow, the Fair Folk are really clueless about humans.
  • This is such a neat idea for a book.
  • These descriptions are awesome
  • This character is very cynical. I love her already.
  • Oooh, she’s practical too. That seems like a very good idea where these tricksy people are involved.
  • Yup, he’s trying to offer her the chance to make pearls drop from her eyes instead of tears.
  • That just sounds inconvenient to be honest. Also, there would obviously be some consequence for it.
  • Hens laying eggs for the rest of their lives does sound a lot better.
  • ‘What could I do with men’s hearts? I couldn’t make an omelette out of them.’ *Toasts Isobel with my coffee.* You go, girl.
  • Ohh, plot stuff unfolding. That was fast.
  • Not sure if I like or dislike the place name Whimsy.

Chapter Two:

  • For some reason, it took me an absurd amount of time to realize that the main character was speaking.
  • Oops. Swearing. Ha.
  • I’ve just been introduced to three characters in a single page. I think I need to lie down for a moment.
  • Lol, May totally knew what ‘shit’ meant.
  • I love reading about all the painting knowledge. I’m such a fan-girl for research.
  • She buys paints like I buy books. Slow. Down.
  • Maybe that’s what she should have asked for, instead of eggs?
  • Now I’m just imagining having books forever and never running out.
  • Wow, the whole refusal to take on any other portrait painters seems a little harsh.
  • I mean, how many of them want their portraits painted? That’s a loooooot of work.
  • Got to appreciate a book which deals with fair folk as cold and ruthless, rather than cutesy Tinkerbell-like things. I wasn’t too worried because of the premise of the book, but Whimsy was giving me pause for thought. It’s just so… whimsical.
  • Ahh, there’s a Wild Hunt in this book too. Excellent 😀
  • I really want to know what/who the not-a-stag is.
  • The descriptions in this book are bri-lli-ant.
  • Hah. I got to the bit about running through a field of wheat for the fun of it, and now I’m choking back sobs of laughter trying my best not to think of this:Image result for theresa may fields of wheat
  • [And yes, for international audiences, that is the Prime Minister of the UK running through a field of wheat. You are welcome.]
  • Moving on…
  • Well, that was unexpected.
  • Let me guess… this is the prince, right?
  • Yup, of course it is.
  • Okay, I’m at the end of chapter two. It is currently half-one in the morning though, so I might have to go to bed and pick this up again tomorrow. Night, people x

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